A fact about vegetarians…

There are over 400 various definitions of what does and does not constitute a vegetarian.

However, the internationally-recognised definition of a vegetarian is someone who refuses to eat anything that can be combed.

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Some facts about the human brain…

  • The word ‘brain’ derives from the French words ‘berre rainnne’, which translates as ‘inside head jelly’.
  • William Shakespeare once tried to write a play without using any part of his brain. The resulting effort was called ‘The A To Z Of Vinegar’ and lasted a mere seventeen seconds.
  • If you eat the brain of another human, you adopt all of their intelligence. This is why you should never opt for the cheap brains in the increasingly popular cannibal restaurants.
  • Every human brain has a five pound note tucked into it. It was put there by God and is only to be used in an emergency.
  • A popular myth suggests that if you cut a brain in half it has the word ‘Brain’ written through it. In fact if you do cut a brain in half you’ll find the words ‘Cheeky Peter’ there, in red neon. As yet, no-one knows why.
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