A fact about de-icing…

Did you know that it is illegal to de-ice another man’s vehicle without his prior written permission? The offence carries a maximum sentence of three months imprisonment.

Oddly, the law does not apply to vehicles owned by women, as de-icing a woman’s vehicle without permission is regarded as an act of chivalry.

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Factual Healing – Episode Two

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Factual Healing – Episode One

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A fact about the relationship between England and France…

The so-called rivalry between the English and the French does not actually exist.

It was cooked up by the respective nations’ governments hundreds of years ago as a method of selling more goose fat, which swimmers of the English Channel traditionally cake themselves in before making the arduous trip in order to see what all the fuss is about.

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A fact about tonsillitis…

The first man to contract tonsillitis was wealthy industrialist Sir Jonathan Tonsil in 1765.

At the time, he claimed it had developed as a result of his hobby, which was to indulge in roaring matches with his faithful lion companion, Griffin.

However, on his deathbed, Sir Jonathan changed his story, confessing that he had in fact contracted the disease after committing an act of oral relief on the beast as it slept.

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A fact about staples…

The Staples Center in Los Angeles got its name as it was originally a building where staple collectors could meet up, show off and swap interesting and unusual staples.

But early attendance figures were low and the building soon started hosting profit-making rock concerts and sporting events instead.

However, once every eight years, staple aficionados still meet up in the car park for half an hour to indulge in their hobby and have sex in each others’ vehicles.

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A fact about Russell Howard…

Russell Howard’s first television appearance was in ITV’s Kids Say The Funniest Things in 1995. In it, he mispronounced the word ‘synthesiser,’ instead calling it a ‘smimfinider.’

He won a ten pound book token and the laughter of the studio audience made him determined to become a comedian, a dream that lives on to this day.

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A fact about vegetarians…

There are over 400 various definitions of what does and does not constitute a vegetarian.

However, the internationally-recognised definition of a vegetarian is someone who refuses to eat anything that can be combed.

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Some facts about some dead Beatles…

John Lennon and George Harrison have teamed up in Heaven to record and release a new album, George And John Do One.

The tracklisting is as follows.

1: Shobba Dobba

2: I Heard You Cackle

3: Stuck In A Ditch

4: Floor Song

5: Beef Curtains

6: Detective Of The Year

7: Gillian

8: Another Lonely Month Of Mondays

9: Give It Give It Give It (Don’t Give It)

10: My Infected Parrot And Me

11: Sizzlin’ Steak

12: Shobba Dobba (reprise)

The album is not available outside of the afterlife.

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A small fact about Jude Law…

Jude Law’s real name is Judicial Law.

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